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"Photographer Rolf Maeder recently traveled to the Grand Canyon in hopes of taking some pictures of the sunset, but an incoming lightning storm required a change of plans. This astonishing photo of multiple lightning bolts and brilliantly illuminated canyon sky is the result."


Why are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. #Millennials *believe* in government: its power, goodness and authority. They’ll make disappear all this Red State/Blue State nonsense of which the Boomers can’t release and GenX angst fuels. Millennials (the Hero archetype) also expect to be heard / listened to by adults, as they have from childhood, and expect their voices / needs / perspectives to be at the table with equal weight, regardless of experience. What better way to do this now that more than half are over 21 and the other half are younger? Society is unconsciously supporting their ability to have a more active presence in civic life with this type of voting age change. Millennials are a civic-minded generation and will be all their lives. My assumption: expect more counties/cities moving in this direction. (The voting age will probably be moved back to 18 around 2060 or so, when the next round of GenX (Nomad archetypes) rise into young adulthood and older adults will shudder to think of them having a say in how government affairs are run. 

Surprising new research from the University of Texas suggests that people who often say “I” are less powerful and less sure of themselves than those who limit their use of the word. Frequent “I” users subconsciously believe they are subordinate to the person to whom they are talking.


The Free Radical At Work

" … we’re empowered to work on our own terms and do more with less. As a result, we expect more from those that employ us and we expect more from ourselves. When we get the resources and opportunities we deserve, we create the future.”

Yes Please!

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In this week’s episode, John Green looks at the origins of 42 expressions such as “beat a dead horse,” “win hands down,” and “close, but no cigar.”